Industrial reconvertion
Corsico (MI), Italy
  • Type: Workspace, showroom
  • Client: Fashion company
  • Location: Corsico (MI), Italy
  • Area: 280 sqm
  • Year: 2015
  • Status: On going
The project involves the construction of the headquarter of a fashion company in a former industrial building on the outskirts of Milan. The space is divided in a show-room area, administrative offices, an area for the production and tailoring and some service areas. In order to preserve the typical style of this building, we decided to avoid imposing new elements to existing walls but insert into the great vaulted space a new two-levels block that contains all the required functions recalling shapes and materials typical of this kind of building. Considering the size of the volume, great attention has been paid to the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, that use sustainable energy sources.

09 industrial reconversion puzzle