Piazza Solaroli renovation
Briona (NO), Italy
  • Type: Competition
  • Client: -
  • Location: Briona (NO), Italy
  • Area: -
  • Year: 2012
  • Status: -

The project moves from the need to define the design of an urban space today fragmented and divided into a series of drops that hinder a common fruition indicating a use of mere pedestrian and vehicular parking. The intention is to create a shared and fully accessible space in line with the strategy of the urban project called "Shared Space " well diffused in Europe: the cancellation of drops not only enhances people’s fruition and stationing in the open space but, at the same time, facilitates the crossing and the achievement of the places to emergency and service vehicles. Re - interpreting the square through the experience of pedestrian crossings and standings, therefore, the project embraces the idea of driving a flexible space to live and enjoy in its entirety as in its single parts, related both to everyday life and to exceptional occasions. A space in which the individual feels content even free to decide his own persistence and movement. The project suggests a sequence of flexible spaces with different use and design options: the proposed solution, thanks to a floor covering made of wooden planks and to a structure easy to be installed, allows the inclusion of green basin inside, where medium stem tree, useful to overshadow the principal place of sitting, can be accomodated.